Rhodium w/Black Titanium Majestic

Rhodium w/Black Titanium Majestic

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Satisfy your fantasy of the pen of a lifetime. This Majestic pen will inspire your creative talents and will delight your recipient a hand made pen that will exceed even the most discriminating collector's expectations. The Majestic Pen includes many remarkable features including:

A rhodium-plated clip that includes a hand faceted geniue gemstone of your choosing.
All exposed accent rings, bands and caps include elegant custom hand-carved 3 dimensional designs.

Components are cast, polished then plated with extremely durable Black Titanium plating;
Brilliant rhodium-plating accents on all components and has a flawless fit and finish.

Using the Schimdt ceramic roller ball ink compontent to gentley glide along your writing surface, unpeatable writing instrument; complimented with superb balance, superior writing characteristics and an overall stylish, polished & elegant appearance